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Analysis - Records

This story has records of how many teachers violated licensing rules. It also says the Star Triune pulled the data that revealed this. The state records also showed the total number of waivers granted by the state Teaching Board.

Analysis - Cultural Group

This story focuses on a Middle Eastern cultural group. Kareem, who will not be giving out his full name, is a student who works at 3M and lives in Minneapolis. Kareem is from Lebanon does not really have an opinion on the stereotypes associated with this cultural group. He said that although his is from the Middle East, Lebanon is pretty neutral and since it is a democracy, it is not experiencing all this unrest. He says that he has been put in the same group as pretty much everyone from the Middle East . He believes that many people associate his cultural group with the negativity that goes on in the Middle East. This story explains the possibility of Al Qaeda attacking the US. It also talks about the attacks that have been demonstrated in the past. Kareem said that when people think of his cultural group, they often associate their thoughts with Al Qaeda.

Analysis - Numbers

This story uses numbers to explain the number of deaths and those wounded, the century the shrine was built, and the amount of miles away the shrine is from the capitol. The numbers are more necessary than overwhelming. They are spread out throughout the article and they are essential that the reader knows those numbers. There was no math involved and the numbers were just facts/statistics. The source, which were police officials, was listed completely for the number of deaths and those who were wounded.

Analysis - Obit

Obituary of Erwin John.

The obituary has sources which include his daughter and a close friend. It has a standard obituary lead and it works because it states when he died, how old he was, and what he was known for in the community. The obituary praises his life and doesn't just state what he accomplished. It includes statements from those that knew and loved him and it explains how he was as a person, not just what he did while he was living.

Analysis - Australian Prime Minister Meets With Obama

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard is to meet with President Obama this Monday to discuss how to not loose focus on keeping efforts in Asia strong, even when the management of the historic developments in North Africa and the Middle East have been a major focus lately, Cogitasia said. The reporter wrote about the agenda while explaining background information on the relationship between the U.S. and Australia. The news report talks about how the two nations have been allies throughout every modern war. The meeting agenda will include figuring out the U.S. strategy for Asia, which has been put off because of the current situation in the Middle East. Gillard plans to discuss her plans about sustaining the focus on Asia in 2011 with Obama.

Analysis - Wisconsin Protests

When comparing slideshows that were focused on the protests in Wisconsin for The New York Times and The Washington Post, I found few differences in their overall layout. They both show a large amount of photos of the protesters. Each photo shows the protesters showing extreme emotion. There are pictures of them in action as well as there are pictures of the various signs being used. There are also pictures of politicians expressing their opinion on the situation. The Times has 12 pictures for the story where The Post has 75. Each photo has a few lines written on its side stating what is going on in the actual photo. Those captions give names of the people in the pictures, names of the places the protests are taking place, and they even include some background information on each photo. The writing style is straight to the point, as it describes what is exactly going on in the photograph. The slideshows and videos available on these two news organization's websites tell news stories while adding visuals, which ultimately deepens the viewer's understanding of the story.

Analysis - Dangerous Winds Caused Fire in Washington

This first-day story introduced the dangerous winds and fires that caused delays in Washington. The second-day story's lead contains more detail, including the actual national park that had fire damage. The second-day article talked about the fact that there were no deaths and it explained the exact damages that were brought upon the fire. The second talked more about the actual effects of the fire and the first talked about the events that took place and they are organized in chronological order.

Analysis - Iowans Coming to Minnesota for Medical Care

The article organizes its information in way that makes it easy for the reader to follow along. The reporter put the actual news in the lead and the first paragraph and then continues to elaborate on the details in the rest of the article. It includes statements from an insurance professional which gives the reader an idea of why there is even an increase in the first place. The first few paragraphs contain the most information and the article wraps up with some more personal quotations on the situation. It ends with a quotation of a man whose believes there should be no additional cost to go to Mayo. The reporter could have put the information that focuses more on the increase and the question of adding an extra cost at the top of the article and then finished up talking about the quality medical care already offered in Iowa.

The article contains many different sources and each quotation is followed by the speaker's full name. There are three attributions in total and they are all all opinion based. The attributions are from speakers who state their reactions to the situation. Their statements are negative, focusing on how the situation is in fact animal cruelty. The writer does a good job spacing out the attributions and the first is placed right before the police's mutual thoughts on the situation. They flow throughout the article, which keeps it interesting.

Analysis - Recent Property Tax Increase

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By Candice Wheeler

The lead in this story contains, above everything else, all of the most important information. It immediately tells the reader the news in a way that is direct and not so analytical. The lead informs the audience of the story's topic. It contains who is doing the action, when it happened, and the who it will be primarily affecting. It says that it will be happening in Minneapolis, how landlords and owners will be affected, and that the increase should expect to take place in the fall. The article then goes to explain the situation in full detail, analyzing each main point presented in the lead.

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