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Heros from the Armed Forces Invited to Royal Wedding

Prince William has invited two guests from the armed forces to the royal wedding, Daily Mirror said. The couple invited L/Cpl Martyn Compton, 27, whose heart stopped three times during an attack by the Taliban in 2006. Compton served next to Prince William in the Household Calvary, The Telegraph said. He also lost his ears and nose and had burns on 75 percent of his body. The royal couple also invited Holly Dyer, 30, wow is the sister of Lt Joanna Dyer. Joanna Dyer was killed by a bomb in Iraq in 2007, and was close friends with Price William.

Italian Peace Activist Kidnapped

An Italian peace activist was kidnapped in Gaza on Thursday, The Lede said. The activist, Vittorio Arrigoni, was threatened to by killed by Islamist militants in a video posted online on Thursday. Arrigoni was blindfolded in the video which also displayed a text warning that said the militants plan to execute him unless the Hamas government, which is a fundamentalist Islamic group, released prisoners of their jihadist movements. The Hamas government has controlled Gaza since 2007, said. They demanded that they be released by Friday afternoon. Arrigoni, who is a journalist and human rights defender working in the Gaza Strip, has worked for more than two years in support of the Palestinian cause in Gaza. The group that is holding Arrigoni claims to be in affiliation with Al Qaeda. For the past two and a half years, Arrigoni has been monitoring human rights violations by Israel, supporting the Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation. The Hamas government said to be "working hard to secure his release." A group on Facebook demanded for Arriongi's release and Twitter feeds have gotten #FreeVittorio trending.

Shipwreck Leaves 250 Migrants Missing off Italian Coast

A shipwreck that occurred on Wednesday off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa left more that 250 missing, The New York Times said. This was the worst shipwreck since the immigration it Italy following the unrest in North Africa began. The boat carrying more than 200 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa capsized in the pre-dawn dark. Most of the 22,000 immigrants. of which have arrived on the island since January, are from Tunisia. The amount missing was estimated by the International Organization for Migration. Several children were on board, Monsters and Critics said. An Italian patrol boat and a fishing boat rescued 50 people but many more are still lost at sea. Migrants and asylum seekers were aboard the boat that left Libya and included those from Somalia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Chad, and Sudan. Out of the estimated 40 women on board, only two survived. Peter Hougot, 29, from Cameroon, survived the wreak and said the reason he left Libya was because he refused to join a pro-Qaddafi milita.

Pakistan Explosion Killed at Least 42

An explosion was set off by two suicide bombers on Sunday at a Sufi shrine compound in Pakistan, The New York Times said. More than 100 people were wounded and at least 42 were killed. It was one of the most important Sufi Muslim shrines in Pakistan and those killed and injured were were celebrating the anniversary of its founder's death with practices abhorred by Islamist militant groups, The Associated Press said. During the annual festival, thousands of attackers detonated their explosives. The attackers did not get into the shrine. The death toll was expected to increase and many of those who were wounded are in critical condition. One of the attackers had his jacket laced with explosives, which failed to detonate. The man was arrested. The movement of the Taliban took responsibility for the attack. The attack was seen as another attempt by militants to exacerbate the ideological divides within schools of Sunni Islam.

Explosion in Jerusalem Killed One and Injured Many

An explosion that occurred at a bus station in Jerusalem killed one and injured many, CNN said. The explosion occurred just as the evening rush hour began and more than 50 people were wounded. Injuries have been deemed extremely critical. It was called a cowardly terrorist attack by Mayor Nir Barkat. There were many civilians and two buses where the attack took place. It began with rocket attacks fired by Palestinian militants. The blast of the flying shrapnel causes the injuries. The bomb was the first to hit in over 6 years, The Telegraph said. President Obama said it was Israel's "right to self-defense" but also expressed his sorrow for the Palestinian deaths that occurred in Gaza.

After-affects of Japan Tsunami

The magnitude of the earthquake which struck Japan on March 11 has been re-evaluated from an 8.8 to a 9.0, CBS News said. The magnitude was raised after its evaluation by the Japanese agency. It was shown to have unusual wave types and the earthquake was extremely rare. There will be a 70% chance to get a magnitude 7 earthquake or aftershocks after 3 days. The tsunami hit Japan on Friday at 2:46 p.m., New American said. It was the largest in Japan's history. It was the world's seventh most powerful earthquake. As of Saturday, 680 have been reported and 300,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes. Two nuclear reactors have lost their cooling systems. It triggered whirlpools that were very notable and frightening. Contact with those in the Pacific is a struggle.

Soccer Player Kicked Owl During a Game in Colombia

Professional Panamanian soccer player Luis Moreno attacked an owl that died on Tuesday, New York Daily News said. Moreno kicked the owl during a Colombian first division game on Sunday. The owl was the mascot of the home team, Junior de Barranquilla. The owl had accidentally been hit by the match ball after going onto the field during the last 20 minutes of the game. This incident has outraged animal rights activists and was called a killer by the fans in the audience. He may be forced to serve up to three months in jail for the crime according to Colombia Animal cruelty laws. Moreno punted the owl who was deemed helpless and stunned. The owl went into surgery to take care of his injuries and ended up dying, NESN said. The owl died of shock according to veterinarian Camilo Tapia. The exact cause of death was said to be capture myopathy which is due to animals who have been in poor physical conditions such as exertion and struggle. Locals are pushing to get Moreno expelled from Colombian football. Moreno has made public apologies but has also claimed he was actually trying to help the owl.

Europe Experiencing Migration Increase from Africa

The unrest that is currently taking place in the Middle East will cause Europe to experience a major increase in migration from North Africa, The New York Times said. The European Union ministers met for two to discuss the issue. Italy and Malta are highly concerned with this issue and they are worried that the increase will become even more unmanageable than it already has been. Franco Frattini, Italy's foreign minister, is especially concerned that the crisis in Libya has the potential to encourage non-Libyan citizens to use the country as a passage way to Europe. Italy has also been a hotspot for Africans looking to get into Europe, most in search for jobs. Around 3,000 Tunisians have migrated to Italy which resulted in the government declaring humanitarian emergency. Libya told the European government that it would reconsider their cooperation on the illegal migration if the Europeans didn't stop encouraging the protests pushing for democracy. The European Union also stated their wish for the growth of stability and democracy in the Middle East. Their commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom announced their plan to assist Italy with the migration issue - a Frontex mission called Hermes, ENPI Info Centre said. This mission involves the participating Member States to assist Italian authorities with aerial and naval support. It will include the debriefing and interviewing of the migrants.

Woman Shelters in Afghanistan Said to Be Corrupt

An Afghan woman, who is a top official, accused the woman shelters in Afghanistan of being corrupt and on there way to becoming government controlled, The New York Times said. She said the government was determined to take control of the shelters even if financial support from donors continues to come in. The shelters are supported by Western charities. Those utilizing the shelters are woman and girls who are running from physical and sexual abuse. Government regulation would mean those living in the shelters would be constantly monitored. Hussan Ghazanfar, the acting minister of women's affairs, said she believed the government was only concerned about their budgets, rather than the actual well-being of the women. Many of the government's proposals have alarmed some women's rights advocates. Ghazanfar also believes that the shelters have more than enough money coming in, and even if they were given less aid, the shelters would run smoothly with that lesser budget. Many woman's advocates are also against the heavy regulation because many women feel threatened by the police. Many women say they are afraid to even go into a police station alone because of the possible abuse by the police. The Afghan media have accused the shelters, run by foreign-funded non-governmental organizations, of prostitution and drug abuse, Yahoo! news said. Government regulation would have victims of abuse subjected to compulsory forensic examination, which would not allow them to leave without ministry approval.

Taiwan General Arrested For Spying For China

Maj. Gen. Lo Hsieh-che was arrested on Jan. 25. for suspicious activity including spying for China, The New York Times said. The Ministry of National Defense discovered this activity and released a statement saying that he was sought out to spy for China sometime between 2002-2005. China has the ability to defend its rule over Taiwan. The Taiwanese defense ministry said in an online statement that they must increase their awareness of spies. Gen Lo is the highest ranking officer that has been involved in an espionage case like this in decades, BBC News said. His home was raided and authorities recovered documents related to the Po Sheng defence system that Taiwan is purchasing from US. It was explained that the general should not have had access to US-related information in the first place, so the leak was not connected to US intelligence.

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