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Plymouth Bank Robbers Linked to Previous Robberies

On Thursday morning, two masked men robbed the Anchor Bank on Vinewood Lane North in Plymouth, KARE 11 said. The robbers have not been found and authorities are reaching out to the public for help. The robbers are believed to be connected to a half dozen robberies around the metro. The robbers both entered the bank holding black semi-automatic handguns. The two men are described as black males and were witnessed leaving the bank in a red Chevrolet Tahoe, KSTP said. The robbers took money from the bank's vault after they forced three bank employees to open the vault. The unclosed amount stolen left the bank with the robbers. No one was injured. The robbers are believed to be linked to several Minnesota robberies occurring in 2010.

Wally the "Beer Man" Takes New Job

Wally "The Beer Man" McNeil, 76, will not return to Target Field this season, The Pioneer Press said. He is leaving the job that he has had since 1982 for Sneaky Pete's, where he will be a celebrity "beertender," Kare 11 said. Sneaky Pete's is located just three blocks down form Target Field. He will be working before and after every Twins game. The union said he could get his job back but he decided not to return. McNeil was acquitted last month for selling alcohol to a minor. He was found not guilty after a Hennepin County jury said McNeil was entrapped in his situation. It was his own personal decision not to vend beer this season.

U of M Student Trying for an Internship for Charlie Sheen

Shannah Henderson from Lakeville is in the running to be a social media intern for actor Charlie Sheen, KSTP said. She is 20 years old and a University of Minnesota student majoring in strategic communications with an emphasis in PR, The Star Tribune said. She made it to the third round of competition to be Sheen's social media "#TigerBlood" intern. There are now around 250 applicants, there were originally 75,000. The first thing she had to do for her interview was tweet in 75 characters or less why she would make a good intern. She moved on to the next round by tweeting "I will keep the Sheeniacs salivating for more day-to-day controversy." She then submitted her resume and application online. She now has to create a two minute video that answers what she thinks is the best company using social media today and why. She did a case stud on the Mayo Clinic and has chosen that as her focus. The internship is eight weeks long and she should find out later this week fir she got it.

Gas Leak in St. Paul

A gas leak occurred in St. Paul, The Star Tribune said. It was related to the light-rail construction. The gas line under University Avenue at Fry Street in St. Paul had a cap blow off on Thursday morning. A local pet hospital was told to evacuate. No one was injured but traffic was caught up for hours. One of the busiest intersections in the Twin Cities, off of Snelling and University Avenues, closed because of the situation. Local business workers were forced to take cabs home if they couldn't wait it out, because they were not allowed to use their cars. The leak brought upon a 2 hour evacuation, KSTP said. The odor from the leak was strong and lasted for more than two hours. Authorities shut off underground valves in 14 different locations. Firefighters evacuated over a dozen buildings while people worked to shut off the gas. Gas was completely shut off about two hours later, which left several customers without service. No one is really sure how the cap came off.

Minneapolis Woman Threw Newborn Baby Into the Snow

Ashley Renee Couch, 21, of Minneapolis threw her newborn baby into a snowbank, The Star Tribune said. She allegedly threw her baby who was just 18 days old into the snowbank after chasing her baby's father down the street on Saturday. Police arrived at the intersection of 18th Street East and 10th Avenue South after the incident. The Minneapolis Police Department's Child Abuse Unit made the charges following the investigation, KSTP said. The charges included child endangerment and neglect of a child which are both misdemeanors. It was 16 degrees that night with 12 mile-per-hour winds. A man reported he witnessed the incident and said the he saw the baby lying in the snow uncovered. After he witnessed the crime he called 911 and put the baby in his jacket. They baby did not wake up until 10 seconds after the man warmed her up. The baby's father also said Couch "slammed" the baby into the snow. Couch said she was chasing the man because he took money from her. The baby survived after treated for hypothermia with a body temperature of 95.8 degrees. Couch remains in the Hennepin County Jail until she faces court Wednesday.

Drunk Driver Kills Two in Collision

A drunk driver killed two people in a crash in Brooklyn Center and attempted to run away, Fox News said. WItnesses held the driver down until the authorities came and arrested him. Both of the occupants of the Toyota Camry were under the influence of alcohol, The Pioneer Press said. Not only was the driver driving while intoxicated, but he also had a suspended license, a previous DUI charge, and a warrant out for his arrest. 22-year-old George Kaffey and his 21-year-old friend, Jessica Vallis, died Saturday. The accident occurred at 10:25 p.m. that Saturday night.

Rosemount Man Charged After Running Over Pedestrian While Drunk

Saddam Samaan, 33, will spend a year in jail for driving drunk and running over a pedestrian twice, The Star Tribune said. He was dragging the pedestrian with his car and nearly killed him. Samaan plead guilty and has a history of alcohol offenses including driving while impaired and first-degree assault. He also has had three past convictions for drunk driving. Samaan has been named in at least 39 cases in Minnesota in the past seven years, The Pioneer Press said. The typical charge for his crime can add up to five years in prison. Samaan, who is a Jordanian, is also being held for possible deportation by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The hit-and-run happened outside Shenanigans Pub. His crime was witnessed by bystanders who pounded on his window and screamed for him to stop. The victim broke loose from the car once Samaan drove over a snowbank and then was struck for the second time by the back tires. Samaan drove away immediately after the double hit. He claims he was unaware that he hit anyone. Samaan did not have a driver's license and admitted that he knew he was not supposed to be driving. The witnesses followed Samaan to an apartment complex and held him until the authorities arrived. The victim suffered multiple rib fractures, a bilateral lung collapse, liver laceration, and lateral stomach bleeding. The victim, Christopher Allen, survived.

Nurse Charged With Stealing Patient's Medication

A nurse from Abbott Northwestern Hospital was charged with stealing pain medication from her patient, The Star Tribune said. Sarah M. Casareto, 33, of Forest Lake, was accused of taking and using the drug fentanyl that was for her patient Larry V. King, 56, of Bloomington. She stole the medication right before before his surgery. Casareto told her patient that she couldn't give him the drugs, City Pages said. Casareto gave King only about a third of the dose of the painkiller that had been set aside for the procedure, and took the remainder. The doctor made an incision in King's back, in which he was supposed to be completely knocked out for, and stopped once King started screaming intensely. The doctors noticed Casaretto was high of the medication once she then told the screaming patient to go to his happy place. Casaretto was arrested and charged with felony theft of a controlled substance and is undergoing drug treatment.

Iowans Coming to Minnesota for Medical Care

Iowans coming to the Mayo Clinic for medical care is one of the reasons for Minnesota's health rate increase, the Star Tribune said. Vice president for Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield Laura Jackson said It costs twice as much to go to the Mayo Clinic than in-state medical facilities. The medical facilities in Iowa provide the same services that the Mayo Clinic does. This is costing insurers a lot of money and Jackson made the effort to encourage Iowans to recognize the low cost care offered in Iowa. There is no additional premium for those traveling to the Mayo Clinic, the Chicago Tribune said. Those who want to travel to Mayo for medical care think that there should be no additional charge.

Woman Demands Puppy Back After Trying to Send Through the Mail

After trying to send her puppy through the mail, a Minneapolis woman is now demanding its return, the Star Tribune said. Minneapolis authorities classified the situation as animal cruelty. She tried to mail her puppy to Atlanta and has been charged with misdemeanor, the insider source said. The puppy was four months old and most likely would have died if it had been sent in the airplane's unheated cargo hold.

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