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Heros from the Armed Forces Invited to Royal Wedding

Prince William has invited two guests from the armed forces to the royal wedding, Daily Mirror said. The couple invited L/Cpl Martyn Compton, 27, whose heart stopped three times during an attack by the Taliban in 2006. Compton served next to Prince William in the Household Calvary, The Telegraph said. He also lost his ears and nose and had burns on 75 percent of his body. The royal couple also invited Holly Dyer, 30, wow is the sister of Lt Joanna Dyer. Joanna Dyer was killed by a bomb in Iraq in 2007, and was close friends with Price William.

Pandora Being Investigated Regarding Internet Privacy Issues

The popular music streaming site Pandora was issued a subpoena by a federal grand jury, The Atlantic said. The subpoena was issued regarding concerns about how Pandora has been sharing personal data through its smartphone application. Many companies are being investigated concerning these privacy issues. The smartphone application collects its customers age, gender, zip code, and other information in order to track usage habits. These trends that come out of Pandora's tracking can be used to advertisers' advantage. The application is used by 80 million-plus. Government lawmakers are concerned with online privacy issues, especially as application usage on smartphones becomes more widely used, Time said. Nearly four billion hours of user listening, which has been recorded by Pandora, was collected and cold to advertisers to fuel the site, which keeps the service free.

Google Launches +1 Button

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Google announced on Wednesday that it will now have a feature called the "+1" button, BetaNews said. It will be similar to Facebook's "like" button and it will allow users to like a search result. It is only available to Google users of which must be signed in. The button will appear next to all search results once it is activated. Google keeps track of how many people utilize the button for each search result and they then have a higher chance of showing up when searched for. Popular searches can appear on anyone's search results. It's a tool that allows people to share their recommendations. It allows users to share insights with people online through other Google services, The Washington Post said. Users who click the button can do it for a search result or an ad. Google hopes this will make its search results and ads more tempting to click. The button will first make its appearance to a small group of Google users and anyone can sign up for it.

Elizabeth Tayor Dies

Actress Elizabeth Taylor died at age 79 on Wednesday, The New York Times said. She died of congestive heart failure. Taylor first appeared on screen at age 10 and went on to have a career that included more than 50 films. Her career expanded over six decades. She won two Academy Awards for best actress. Her struggles often overshadowed the positive moments in her life, The LA Times said. The actress possessed talent and beauty, which were heavily recognized. She was an activist in the fight against AIDS. She died in Los Angeles with her four children by her side.

After-affects of Japan Tsunami

The magnitude of the earthquake which struck Japan on March 11 has been re-evaluated from an 8.8 to a 9.0, CBS News said. The magnitude was raised after its evaluation by the Japanese agency. It was shown to have unusual wave types and the earthquake was extremely rare. There will be a 70% chance to get a magnitude 7 earthquake or aftershocks after 3 days. The tsunami hit Japan on Friday at 2:46 p.m., New American said. It was the largest in Japan's history. It was the world's seventh most powerful earthquake. As of Saturday, 680 have been reported and 300,000 residents have been evacuated from their homes. Two nuclear reactors have lost their cooling systems. It triggered whirlpools that were very notable and frightening. Contact with those in the Pacific is a struggle.

Actress Jane Russell Dies

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" actress Jane Russell died at age 89 on Monday, The New York Times said. She died at her home in California from a respiratory-related illness, according to her daughter-in-law Etta Waterfield. The actress was born in Bemidji, Minnesota in 1921. Russell was in the Howard Hughes film, "The Outlaw" when she was 19 years old. The 1940s film was heavily critiziced for being too inapprorpiate. The film was not nationally released until 1950. She was famous for making westerns and made around two dozen feature films in total. She starred in two films with Bob Hope as well as one with Marilyn Monroe, which she deemed as her favorite. She made many musicals and incorporated singing into her career. Her latest vocal preformance was in 2008. She also founded the Women's Adoption International Fund, Sky News said. Ms. Russell was unable to have children and became a vocal opponent of abortion and an advocate of adoption. Russell was survived by her children, 8 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren.

U of M Students Rally at the Capitol

Hundreds of students from the University of Minnesota are fighting for higher education funding, The Star Tribune said. They are rallying at the state's capitol hoping to gain support on the issue. Governor Mark Dayton told the rallying students on Tuesday that he wants a state budget that avoids high education cuts. He also said that he hopes that an improving economy will create greater state investments in the future. The rally was organized by the Minnesota Student Association. The rally was held in the capitol's rotunda and its goal was to persuade lawmakers to savor funding for the U while also repairing the $6.2 billion deficit already fixed upon the state, MPR News said. They want lawmakers to preserve funding for the U while the legislature looks for ways to fix the state's $6.2 billion deficit. DFL Rep. Keith Ellison said that it was essential for the students to convince politicians that higher education benefits society. He believes the fact that it is not just a private way for someone to make money needs to be noted. Robert Bruininks, the U of M president, will testify before the Minnesota House Higher Education Policy and Finance Committee. He will speak out on how the cuts are affecting the U. College officials predict deeper cuts in the future, more than the 6 percent reduction in funding already proposed for the next two years. .

Obama Gives Requests to Give Over $3 Billion to Israel

President Barack Obama plans to give $3.075 billion in military aid to Israel, The Arabist said. This move by the president was criticized by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and the amount of money was deemed unnecessary. This was part of Obama's budget request. The US Campaign thought it was unnecessary for the president to give such a high amount simply because America has its own debt and budget deficit to deal with. This amount of aid is $75 million more than the amount given in fiscal year 2011, Globes said. This financial aid package has yet to be passed by Congress, and some Republicans say it will not. A study showed that 45% percent of the American public supported cutting only foreign aid. A small amount of the public supported cutting things such as Social Security and Medicare.

Social Networking Sites Bringing in Billions

Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are bringing in large sums of money, even though most of the people contributing to the sites work for free, The New York Times said. The Huffington Post was also recently sold to AOL for $315 million. Sites, such as The Huffington Post, mostly have contributors from their own community. The AOL company has high hopes to make a come back with their purchase of The Huffington post, Mashable said. Bloggers make the sites worthwhile and they keep them going strong with their participation. The sites do a good job of trying to lure its participants to contribute financially. Advertisers pay sites like Facebook large amounts in order to sell there products. Because of this, many view Facebook as a media company than a simple social networking site. Getting paid to be a journalist for online news sites such as The Huffington Post is getting more rare as time goes by. The AOL company has high hopes to make a come back with their purchase of The Huffington post, Mashable said.

Advertisers Focusing on a New Audience for Super Bowl Promotions

Advertisers will spend about $3 million per 30 seconds of ad time for the Super Bowl this Sunday, USA Today said. Advertisers are also establishing an extreme emphasis on advertising through social networking sites. Their goal is to expose their ads to an audience even larger than the already 100 million watching the Fox telecast. Ads can be seen on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, through viewers' phones, computers, and iPads. Advertisers are using these social networking sites to spread this new media to an online audience. Most advertisers present their ads on these social networking sites before the actual advertisement airs on television, social and digital media news website Mashable said. Companies like Frito-Lay started promoting their Super Bowl contests and ads through social networking sites as early as September.

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