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The built enivornment and me!

The built environment affects everybody, not just myself, and not just you who read this, but everybody. It determines the quality and design of our physical environment, can cause or prevent illness, disability and injury, and degrade or preserve natural resources. The physical environment can cause or contribute to obesity, asthma, and lead poisoning as well as injuries. For example, if as a child you had a very cozy built environment surround you, you may rarely have felt the need or want to go outside or go exercise, thus potentially leading to obesity. If at the park you played on a jungle gym made with lead paint, you could become victim to lead poisoning. If a built structure is unsafe, you could fall off and hurt yourself.

Of course, that isn't to say that all structures within the built environment are bad for the human body, much of it can have positive effects as well. It has been suggested that the built environment can add or take away stress. If you're in an environment that allows you to feel more peaceful, less stressed, and you happen to be ill, you will (have a higher chance to) recover more quickly. Perhaps, this is something to take into consideration when choosing a doctor or hospital.

(I don't think I'd feel comfortable or less stressed if I were in this hospital)

The built environment can scare or confuse us with its art or design. Abandoned old buildings can scare us deeply, we may start to believe we hear noises in the buildings (maybe we do!), perhaps we'll see something move with nothing there to move it. Perhaps its the paranormal, or maybe its our mind reacting to the environment, or maybe its both, regardless, it can be scary as hell. I actually do have a ghost story, I'm 99.9% sure it was a ghost, there are few other explanations. As a child I went to my great uncle's house with my parents and he explained how about a week ago when he was digging in the garden, he came across an old gravestone, buried beneath the dirt. Ever since that day spooky things would happen. Footsteps could be heard on the stairs when no one else was in the building, cups and bottles would fly off the shelves and tables. Locked doors would unlock and open. I witnessed that latter for myself, when I was in the bathroom, as soon as the door opened I felt a cold chill throughout my body, I quickly ran out of the bathroom without flushing to find my mom. My great uncle found a toy gun and would place it next to the doors he would lock and amazingly, they never unlocked by "themselves" again. Maybe thats not really a built environment story, but I find it very creepy and enjoy telling it.