Digital Focus Final Reflection:

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For this semester long project I was focused around the concept of texture, specifically wood texture. The piece has a sense of irony being that the image of the wood bark is printed onto a ceramic tile, which is by nature very smooth, the ceramic tile is then adhered to actual bark.

There are 5 images printed onto 5 different tiles, which are then broken and adhered to 3 wooden pieces. Each wooden piece is different in size. The largest being an actual trunk of a tree which is around 2 feet wide and 2 feet tall, the medium piece being 6 inches wide and 18 inches long, and the smallest being a branch roughly 18 inches long, and 10 inches wide.

I investigated the generalized theme of texture. I began by taking a series of pictures regarding different textures and then narrowed my concept to only pictures of bark or tree's. This in turn helped me to determine what surface I would ultimately show as my final piece.

There were several difficulties surrounding the theme of this project. From the beginning I knew that I wanted to do something with textures, but narrowing it down was a struggle. There were a few technical difficulties around how to break the tiles after the image had been glued to the tile, but solving this problem resulted in creating more texture in the final piece. If able to do this project again I would try to make more of them, and do various textures adhered to the actual texture themselves.

I would deem this project extremely successful and I am proud of the final piece. I enjoy the irony of smooth textures against more abstract textures. I also appreciate the pieces ability to either be placed indoors or outdoors.

I believe that each piece of wood could be displayed differently. Ideally the stump would be placed on the ground, and I can easily see it being placed together in a certain area as a triad. I do not think that these pieces need to be placed in something.

Given more time and resources I would expand these pieces even larger. I would try to find larger pieces of bark and continue printing on ceramic tiles.

Critique 4:

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For this critique I had updated images and a more concrete idea surrounding printing onto tiles. I went through each image and selected images that I thought would have the meaning I desired, which is a contemplation of texture specifically of bark and wood.

I also went to Home Depot and bought tiles, and an assortment of glues to attach my photos to the ceramic tiles. I did a test at home depot to ensure that it would break the way I wanted it too, and would indeed glue back together.

I also decided that I wanted to glue the ceramic tiles to wood once they had been broken and put back together. I still need to find the wood that I want to use.

Critique 3:

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Throughout the week, I have been focusing my energy on attempting to decide what different textures I could take pictures of. In the last class critique I thought about doing more normal everyday textures and printing them on canvas, which in turn would give it a more abstract and unique look. Which in turn, would make the textures new to the viewer. Although I still enjoy this idea, I am thinking about taking it one step further and using more unique and abstract textures to begin with. This will further my concept of texture with abstraction.

I have the opportunity to go home this weekend, and intend to do the majority of my shooting there and will then update with my final, edited images!

Critique 2:

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In order to prepare for this critique, I went out in Duluth and searched for houses or buildings that have unique and interesting textures on them. Upon finding a house that I found to be interesting, I took a variety of pictures of different distances and from different angles, then I went in Photoshop and selected three different distances that I liked the best, and the best photograph from each distance. I then changed them all into black and white, and then altered the tones of the blacks and whites, until it had the contrast I desired. I plan to create a moch-up of what I want it to be laid out as.

Critique 1:


During the first critique I received a lot of constructive criticism, and further expanded my idea. After showing some photographs of just close up textures, the resounding feedback was that they would like to see different view points of the texture. So what I decided to do was too re-shoot some photographs and start with the entire building, and then zoom in a bit and show only 4 or so feet of the building, and then zoom in one more time and show just the texture. In this sense it adds more interest to the building and the texture itself. I plan on re-shooting this weekend, that way I have pictures for all three sets of images.


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I intend to print photograph's of very textural objects or places on canvas, which will hopefully distort the actual texture. I am considering ripping the canvas and reconstructing it into a collage format after it has been printed on. Thus I will need canvas, photographs, and printing materials.


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Past Work

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Below are 5 artists and their link showing you their work.

Uta Barth

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Completed Collaborative Display

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Our small group was given the opportunity to finish our display, we each printed off one large piece in varying sizes. I printed off all three smaller sized pieces. The entire group of four people worked collaboratively to create the display itself, which included hanging tree branches, putting up a large back piece, and hanging the pieces within the display. We also added some texture, or snow, at the bottom of the display and laid more pieces on the snow.

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