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Winter Remix Project

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Artist Statement:

While working through this project, the concept of what remix really means kept reiterating itself to me. Why do artists continue to use remix in their own art, and what are some of the consequences of it?

Using other students photographs I decided to create a mash up of one photo, and then continue to alter it into a series. By starting with just one basic photo, and continuing to add, and subtract from it, a very unique and abstract look kept the pieces similar with each other.

There is also a theme of winter within each piece. The photographs used are visibly from a typical Minnesota winter. There is a lot of snow and ice present in each photograph.

A concept that I hope to continue discussing through this blog are the major consequences of remix, and what may happen to this playful art style.

For the first project during the spring semester of 2011 in 2D digital studio 2 there was a collaboration of winter themed images that were then remixed to create individual pieces.

Here is a link to my photo gallery:

Here is my idea for an installation:


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