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Throughout the variety of new images I created by using Munger's piece as a starting point I believe that there is an even mix of images that could be considered fair use; however, some of them are blatantly his work just changed slightly with color or opacity.

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Tweed Museum of Art

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Two Trees.jpg

This specific piece made by Gilbert Munger is a part of the Tweed Museum of Art's collection. Munger painted this oil on canvas in 1901 and it is titled Two Trees. Gilbert Munger has a rich history within painting and has traveled within the United States, as well as to other various countries. While traveling he furthered his education as an artist and learned the French Barbizon style of painting. It is clearly part of that specific style for various reasons. It has a rich but subdued palette, thick impastoed paint, and images of rural laborers, which are all part of the French Barbizon style.

This piece was created just two years before Munger himself died, and the Tweed Museum of Art is very fortunate to have such a large collection of his works.

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