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I intend to print photograph's of very textural objects or places on canvas, which will hopefully distort the actual texture. I am considering ripping the canvas and reconstructing it into a collage format after it has been printed on. Thus I will need canvas, photographs, and printing materials.


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Transfer methods:

Method 1:

Method 2:

Method 3:

Past Work

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Currently under construction.


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Below are 5 artists and their link showing you their work.

Uta Barth

Michael Kenna

Ansel Adams

Ron Bigelow

Craig Blacklock

Completed Collaborative Display

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Our small group was given the opportunity to finish our display, we each printed off one large piece in varying sizes. I printed off all three smaller sized pieces. The entire group of four people worked collaboratively to create the display itself, which included hanging tree branches, putting up a large back piece, and hanging the pieces within the display. We also added some texture, or snow, at the bottom of the display and laid more pieces on the snow.

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