Critique 1:


During the first critique I received a lot of constructive criticism, and further expanded my idea. After showing some photographs of just close up textures, the resounding feedback was that they would like to see different view points of the texture. So what I decided to do was too re-shoot some photographs and start with the entire building, and then zoom in a bit and show only 4 or so feet of the building, and then zoom in one more time and show just the texture. In this sense it adds more interest to the building and the texture itself. I plan on re-shooting this weekend, that way I have pictures for all three sets of images.


I think your project is coming along well. The canvas idea is great, so it'll be nice to see how the image transferring works. I don't really have much else to say until that's been tried, but I think you're going in a good direction so far!

I think your idea is going to be great depending on how you design your lay out and choose your imagery. I think you should do a pattern similar to what Bethany did last semester where it shows the original object in the background and the textures of that place grided or somewhere on the foreground. But either way you decide, i think it will work. Happy Shooting ;)

Your idea of putting your images onto the canvas sounds really interesting. It would be nice to see multiple images on one canvas. Your idea of zooming in on a building or texture sounds very interesting and I'm curious to see what it will look like.

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