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Amazon Launches New Site

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Source: http://www.sbrnet.com/publication.asp?function=detail&magid=202207

Back in September 2012, Amazon.com launched a new website that will equip children with sporting goods. They will be able to purchase sports, dance, and arts supplies. The website is called:


The website holds over 35,000 products to choose from, and enables kids a new way to shop for all of their favorite sports and activities supplies. The website is unique because it has specials filters and features that allows the users to spend less time shopping

Research analysts commented that they believed the main challenge the website was going to face was brand access. The headline risk could face a short-term overhang. Also they thought that the category market in which they are trying to dive into has a low e-commerce penetration and they will face a lot of competition from vendors who sell the products directly on the internet, such as nike.com


This website launch brings with it the possibility of creating research. Now that the site is up and running, researchers and marketers are able to test its popularity and functionality to see if the site is indeed effective. Researchers can begin collecting surveys, focus groups, and other sampling methods to hear from consumers and the public if they approve of the site.

Sales and profits can be analyzed, and site traffic can be monitored. There are multiple methods that can be researched. With all the challenges that researchers were hesitant about, the poast-launch time allows those challenges to be addressed.

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