Extra Credit Errors

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For my Comm3211 class Electronic Media and Development all the students and I were given the chance to earn some extra credit toward our final by completing a survey. The survey researched mindfulness when it comes to individuals communicating with one another.

Immediately after beginning the survey, which was just a survey created through SurveyMonkey, I recognized that it was a Likert scale. Based on the NOIR research model, it was quite easy to differentiate the type of survey and categorize it as a type of interval measurement. What caught my eye however is the confusion that was present with the distribution of answer categories within the Likert. The responses that were given were true to the Likert as they ranged with even categories between strongly agree and strongly disagree, but it was the categories in the middle of the polar opposites that caused the confusion.

The order of the responses as you can see by the picture goes as follows:

Strongly disagree, moderately disagree, slightly disagree, neutral, moderately agree, slightly agree, strongly agree.

There was no symmetry.

Am I wrong or should it go as follows:?

Strongly agree, moderately disagree, slightly disagree, neutral, slightly disagree, moderately agree, strongly agree.

Because of one little error, one little misplacement of a likert category, it caused confusion to the participant. This can cause errors to the reliabilty and validity to the survey as a whole.

So in conclusion....


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