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"Our publishers, large and small, are asking questions about business trends that they simply couldn't ask before, and they're using the answers to make better decisions. It's really got them excited." - Tom Williams, director of web services, Barnes & Noble Inc.

With the popularity of technological inventions such as the Nook or Tablet, a lot of literature is read from a screen instead of a page. Barnes and Noble saw a decrease in sales from their retail stores. In the provided case study, Barnes and Noble recently adopted a new strategy that would allow them to provide their authors and clients with fast insights about the behaviors and attitudes of being buying the merchandise.

Their solution to their problem was to use a data warehousing appliance to look at trends and then be able to make swift decisions about what needs to be stocked and promoted in the stores. This allows the stores to be up-to-date with products and always have what costumers want to buy in stock, instead of having to wait weeks for inventory.

This new data produced the following benefits for the company:
1. Reduced the time required to run analytical queries by more than 95 percent.
2. Reduced employee time required to administer the business intelligence solution by more than 70 percent
3. Improved publishers' ability to understand and react to market trends, optimize print runs and reduce the cost of unsold book inventory
4. Enabled the company to optimize its inventory mix, reduce stock-outs and plan more effective promotions

These benefits were collaborated based on the researchers' ability to read the research itself. By analyzing the numbers and identifying the trends through the statistics and information, this is an example of how researchers can interpret data to serve the general purpose for the client.

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