Coke Vs Pepsi

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Using a systematic random sample with digit dialing on the telephone, a sample of 1,082 registered voters was surveyed. The margin of error with this sample was +/- three percentage points. The demographics sampled were gender, age, race, and political party.

The published survey has general stakeholders. Since it only asked the one question, it is safe to assume that the stakeholders are the normal consumers who purchase soda pop; although because the survey asked registered voters, other stakeholders could include political officials and parties who may want to have a brand as a political sponsor.

The findings of the survey concluded that Coke topped Pepsi by a margin of 45 percent- 29 percent. With the demographics, encouraging results for Coke showed that they were favored with the 18-29 year old range by a 61 percent- 23 percent margin. These finding were represented in an easy to read cross tab data set, giving a reader the ability to clearly analyze the results. The reliability and validity of the survey are strong. Although the reliability could be proven stronger if the survey team had asked multiple ways what brand the sample preferred, although with such a simple survey the answers would most likely not have mattered.

The survey does not tend to have a bias. The question asked is not leading or loaded, and the answer options given do not discriminate between any demographic. The only agenda that looks like the studier could have had would have been if they were working for one of the brands and wanted to persuade voters to choose their brand. For the purpose of this survey, I would only have changed one thing about the survey. I would have added an income demographic. Brand loyalty could be based on how much a person makes in their salary and which brand they think is more costly or luxurious, it would have enriched the study to see what income levels like which soda brand.

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