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Today in my Jour5501 Public Opinion class we had a guest speaker come in and talk to us. His name is Chris Spong, he is the social media business strategist for Target.

Here is Chris, Hi Chris!

Chris spoke to us about some new social media strategies that Target used this past month for the retail stores popular and annual Black Friday sale. This sparked my interest in the new strategic communication strategy as I am a HUGE fan of Black Friday chaos, and a HUGE fan of Target. Thumbnail image for CLA_Target_640x455.jpg

He explained how over 50% of all corporate companies have a Facebook page, and over 60% of them have an official Twitter handle. Social Media is not the rare bread anymore, yet it is a necessity for any thriving business. Utilizing Twitter, there are multiple ways to be successful.

Chris explained how when it comes to using Twitter to promote their Black Friday sale, there was a difference in approach from 2011 to 2012.

In 20111, Target focused their Twitter efforts on promoting the items that would be going on sale. They introduced the deals, and hoped that word would spread of what would be sold in order to boost their sales and revenue. However, after last year's Black Friday sale, Chris showed an IBM statistic where they researched that 0% of sales from the Black Friday sale came from Twitter. So Target decided to change their game plan and this 2012 sale, they used Twitter not as a method to drive sales but instead to simply encourage followers to tweet about the B.F. experience. With this approach they hoped that it would get people to the store itself.

Hearing this social media strategy really intrigued me. As important as social media is, and as useful it can be to companies, especially retail companies, for improving sales and marketing, social media at the root was simply created just for people to talk. All people really want is just to be heard. So for research to show that 0% of tweets led to sales, it emphasizes so much more that people just want to tell others what they are doing. Thus Target's new strategy is perfect in analyzing exactly what social media is intended for.

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