November 29, 2005


Dear Mai,
Eau Claire is a very nice area, pretty much anywhere in Wisconsin is to me. I used to play volleyball when I was your age I was on the team at my school. Last week Wednesday I got to fly home to Milwaukee and see my family for thanksgiving. I ate tons of food and spent a lot of time with my older brother. It was a good break from school and cheerleading. When I get done with college I want to live in Wisconsin too. I Think when I am going to get a degree in biology and work in a lab. Sorry I cant write more I only have so much time and two people to write to. Take it easy and keep up the good work in school


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Dear Bee,
Yeah I had a good thanksgiving. I went home for a couple of days to relax it was a good time. I ate a ton of food and got to hang out with my brothers. And yes I am at every home football game cheering. With cheerleading and work and school there isn’t much time to relax but I find a few minutes here and there.

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November 15, 2005

Dear bee

Dear Bee,
college is going good. I feel like im in the third quarter of high school right now. Im getting into some lazy habit that im working hard to continue getting my homework done. With all my cheerleading stuff going on right now im to busy to do much else but school and cheer. But i get to go home for thanksgiving. What do you for Thanksgiving? Do you like it.


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Dear Mai

Dear Mai,
My math class is going good. I think im going very well in it with only 4 weeks left to go in the semester. Sounds like you are learning about a lot of fun stuff. If you need to know anything about wisconsin let me know. I have lots of interesting facts. What kinda things do you do in gym class? What did you do in art class? Where do you want to live when you grow up?

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November 8, 2005


Dear Mai,
Nope, no trick or treating for me either. For halloween my friends and i had a costume party and we all dressed up and had fun. I was a construction worker. To be a successful student I would say just keep doing what you are doing. It is wonderful that you are getting straight A's. It is equally important that you keep getting straight A's. And I have a math test tommorow. I hope i do well

well I got to get going


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Dear bee,
No i dont think that most college students go trick of treating. I didnt. I wish i sitll did i always had a great time going around my neighborhood. I think for me the best way to improve in school is to always show up and pay attention in class. Also, do your homework the first night it is assigned no matter when it is due or at least start it that night. It will make doing homework easier.

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November 1, 2005

2 things about college

The general college at the university of minnesota is really nice. Class sizes are all very small even the lectures. The general college is pretty much advanced high school. The coarse material is not all that difficult but there is still a good amount of homework. Despite what people may think, drinking at college isnt as big as its made out to be. Most students do not drink and if they do it is only everyone once and a while not 4 or 5 times a week. School up here is fun. Going to class is very important.

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October 20, 2005

Dear lincoln student

My name is reece White. I am from mequon wisconsin, a suburb just north of milwaukee. I come from a big family with 2 older brothers and 3 sisters. My parents got diverosed when i was very young and I have been up in Minneapolis at the U for 3 months now. I have been really enjoying myself. Oh yeah, i am also a male cheerleader at the U. Do you do any sports? Whats your favorite subject in school? What kind of things do you do on the weedends? And is going to school fun for you?

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October 18, 2005

Tues class

I didnt really want to have my paper read to the entire class as an example, but after we started doing it i was glad i did. The draft was not as bad as i thought it was. I also got 5 extra credit points for it which is good for me and i got more feedback than anyone on my paper so im really at an advantage right now. I thought it ended up being a really good experience and might do it again given the opertunity. I would recamend that others do it as long as you are remotely confident in your writting.

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October 13, 2005

Lincoln to me

Roaming the halls of Steffen middle school would be very different than that of Lincoln community school. Everyone is always in class and learning everyday. With that means there is a larger variety of classes. At lincoln where the school isnt that great and test scores are much lower, students are offered a limited amount of classes. At steffen there is an advanced, intermediate, and regular math coarses offered in every grade whereas at lincoln there is only one class offered. This makes it hard for teachers because students will be way head or behind of the material being taught in the class.

Furthermore, the school demographic and locations are competely opposite. To start, the majority of students attending Lincoln are black students and the population of mequon wisconsin is overwhelmingly white. Also, Lincoln is located in the north west potion or a major city. This mean the students are more exposed to gangs, drugs, and violence. Steffen is located in mequon wisconsin, a large suburban community 15 miles north of milwaukee where there are no gangs and very limited criminal activity. Therefore roll models in the community shape kids and there perception of education. The powerfull people in the comunity surrounding Lincoln are drug dealers and gang member who have little to no education. The opposite exists in mequon. The powerful people in mequon are all doctor, lawyers, and head people of large companies all requiring a college degree.

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