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Where are my colleagues?

Wow, my first blog creation! Life is full of adventures. I have created this blog site for the first cohort of DNP students to keep on touch with each other. You have had an amazing experience together. It is my hope that you will continue to support each other professionally and personally. Start blogging!


Checking back to see if anyone has found this site

Ok I found it!!
Just thought I would share a little project evaluation story. I had created a (what I believed) to be a very lovely survey to gain feedback from participants in my pilot project-- an electronic , de-identified survey tool all approved by IRB and my to my dismay, I went to compile data last night-- only ONE reponse. Can't even make a pretty pie chart!
Cathie M.

Well, you could have a cow pie type chart!

Ok this is the first time I am blogging too. Feeling very overwhelmed right now.

Found it! I am trying my first BLOG!

Found it! Marcia R - are you still up from all night or getting up for the day?? I saw your posting for 4:47a.m.

I just went through a bunch of paperwork and filled up the recycle bin. Hope everyone's Holiday was restful and relaxing. Happy 2008.