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Need a blog master

Dear freinds, In order to make this web site really yours, you will need a volunteer blog master to edit the comments as they come in. I have done this up to now knowing that you were all a little busy. When someone volunteers, I will eliminate myself from the list of those who can publish on this site. Congratulations to all!

Thank you, Marsha. The comments will be directed to your email address through the University. You get an email notification when there is a comment to approve. Then you enter the blog site and publish it if it is OK. I will need to figure out how to change blog masters but will place a query ASAp and get out of your blog site. I hope this serves to keep this group together for a long time. Kathy


I can do it, Kathy. All I need to do is review the comment and by whom and publish if okay, correct? Will the comments come directly to me - or what is the process? Marcia Britain