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Abortion restriction up for vote in S. Dakota

On Nov. 4, South Dakota ballot's will include a proposal banning most abortions in the state, the UPI reported.

Citing an article from the Washington Post, the article states that votes will be vote for the second time on this issue since 2006.

If the proposal known as Measure 11 is passed, all abortions would be banned expect those in cases of rape, incest and in some cases where the health and life of the woman is in danger.

Supporters of Measure 11 say they hope to prevent more than 700 abortions a year and they also hope such a law would produce a case to overturn the 1973 Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion nationwide.

Measure 11 supporter Leslee Unruh called the proposal "urgent for the babies who are aborted."

On the other hand, Dr. Marvin Buehner, a physician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies, said the law "would amount to a total ban" on abortion.