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Death Toll Rises in New Delhi Blast

The Washington Post reported that the blasts from five small bombs have killed at least 22 people and injuring more than 90 in a busy New Delhi market.

The blasts took place over the course of 25 minutes. The bombs were placed within trash cans and on bicycles.

"Whoever has done this, they are enemies of humanity and enemies of India," said Home Affairs Minister Shivraj Patil. "They want to destroy peace in our society...We will take the toughest action against them."

A group referred to as the Indian Mujahideen has taken responsibility for the attacks in an e-mail sent to media offices.

"Within five minutes from now . . . this time with the Message of Death, dreadfully terrorizing you for your sins," the e-mail said.

The email also challenged officials to "try and stop us if you can" and warned that there would be nine blasts in the city. Bomb disposal teams were able to defuse four bombs planted around the downtown area. CNN reports that two of the remaining bombs were found near a movie theater and near central park in the Connaught Place area.

Indian Mujahideen has previously claimed responsibility for past bombings across India.