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Minneapolis Girl Struck by Stray Bullet

The Star Tribune reported that police are investigating the possibility that a stray bullet traveled over 5 blocks before striking a Minneapolis girl.

As identified in the Pioneer Press, Jasmine Krebs, 11, had finished her homework when she went outside to look for a toy by the family’s backyard pool. Around 7:00 p.m. Jasmine was hit by the bullet and began screaming that she had been shot.

Police Sgt. William Palmer said Krebs was hit in the upper leg by what was probably a ricochet, the Pioneer Press also reported. Palmer also said that a witness believes he heard the bullet ricochet off of his house.

Krebs was hospitalized overnight before being released and is expected to make a full recovery.

The Star Tribune reported that the Minneapolis Police Department is investigating the possibility that the bullet that hit Krebs is related to reports of multiple shots police received at approximately the same time at Richard Green Central Park.

As the Krebs house is located on the 3200 of First Avenue South, the bullet may have traveled over 5 blocks, through trees, across Interstate highway 35W, and through the Krebs’ backyard fence before striking Krebs in the upper leg.