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Tainted milk sickens almost 13,000 Chinese Children

CNN reported that China's Health Ministry announced Sunday that nearly 13,000 infants and young children have been sickened by tainted milk power.

This new number is more than double the number previously reported -- according to the state-run Xinhua news agency. Of the children affected, 104 have serious symptoms, and 1,579 have been cured and discharged and at least four children have died, the agency said.

The first reported death from the melamine tainted milk was released on September 12.

Hong Kong's Center for Food Safety announced Sunday that a sample of Nestle Dairy Farm Pure Milk, used for catering use only, had tested positive for melamine, the same industrial contaminant from China that poisoned and killed thousands of U.S. dogs and cats last year.

However, the Swiss company said in a news release it is "confident" none of its milk products made in China contains the chemical.

"Following press reports in Hong Kong earlier today claiming that traces of melamine had been found in a Nestle growing up milk, Nestle is confident that none of its products in China is made from milk adulterated with melamine," the company said.

The Washington Post offered an update on this story, reporting that officials arrested two brothers, surnamed Geng, who are suspected of mixing the banned toxin into milk to try to fool buyers who tested its protein content.

Melamine is said to boost protein readings on tests.

Xinhua reported that the men, who run a milk collection business, sold about three tons of the contaminated milk daily. Some of the milk is believed to have been sold to Sanlu Group, the country's biggest producer of powdered milk.