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Advance Analysis

Concert Advance

This short story is an advance for the upcoming concert by New York band, TV on the Radio. It focuses on the unique aspects of the band, the features that set them apart from their peers. For instance the article says that "not a lot of bands nowadays make records or put on shows like this arty and innovative New York quintet does."

It also plays up the bands attention to detail and how that effects the overall quality of the concert experience. There is also a tie-in for the band's latest album. Here the album is toted as being on "hipsters" best-of lists, trying to spin the album as something al the "cool people" are listening too.

The writer has presented this advance from the standpoint that this is a "cool" band worth seeing. Since that band is not bland, the writer leads readers to venture that the concert will not be either. More details or background information would have kept this advance form seeming a little more like a listing or standard press release.

Overall I believe it presents the concert with an angle and does a fair job of promoting the event. If someone was reading this without knowing of the band, I believe they would be tempted to attend the concert or at least look into the "ambient soul, funky Afrobeat, frantic punk" music.