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Minneapolis Man Charged with Child Neglect

A Minneapolis man was charged with child neglect after leaving two children home alone with an open open heating the house, the Pioneer Press reported.

Lawrence Edward Griffin, 36, approached a squad car around 1:15 a.m. Thursday to tell officers he had left a 14-month-old child home alone for 15 minutes while he went out to purchase cigars.

Police drove him to his home, on the 2500 block of 4th St. NE, where they found the 14-month-old sleeping in a crib and a 4-year-old sleeping in a bunk bed.

Police said the kitchen was hot because of the open oven door. Griffin told police it was the only way to heat the apartment.

Police said Griffin had been gone closer to 45 minutes and they tested his breath for alcohol, which registered a .09 BAC.