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Ratchet the Puppy on his Way to the U.S.

An Iraqi puppy adpoted by a U.S. soliders began his trip to the U.S. Sunday after several attempts to fly him to his new home in Minnesota, the Star Tribune reported.

"Ratchet" was picked up by an animal rescue group in Baghdad on Sunday. He was adopted by Army Spc. Gwen Beberg, 28, of Minneapolis.

Operation Baghdad Pups tried three time to get Ratchet out of the country.

Beberg and her dog have become well-known through her attempts to adopt the puppy. An earlier Star Tribune story reports on some on the background information.

The puppy was confiscated at the Baghdad airport after one attempt to fly him out of Iraqi and it was reported that he was alive at the time after Beberg said she fear he would be destroyed if he was left behind. Later news broke that he had been placed on a plane in route to the US.

Over 30,000 have signed a petition urged the Army to allow the puppy to return home with the solider.
Beberg and a fellow solider rescued the puppy from a burning pile of trash on Mother's Day.