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First Puppy

In an interview with CBS news, Barack and Michelle Obama touched upon the puppy issue, clarifying a few misconceptions.

The Obamas plan to wait until they are settled before selecting a dog.

"I don't think it would be good to get a dog in the midst of transition," Michelle Obama said. "So when we settle, get in a routine, we think about late winter, early spring, we're gonna get the dog."

While the Obamas stressed that selecting their pet was a family affair, Michelle Obama said that they were considering suggestions.

"Boy, I mean the people are sending suggestions. And we're taking it all under advisement," she said.

Since the news of a possible puppy broke, the news media have been flooded with stories surrounding the future first puppy. An opinion piece from the Los Angeles Times chronicles some of the surge of puppy advice being offered to the new president-elect and his family.

In response to the claim that the Obamas' were seeking a hypo-allergenic dog, the Friends of Peruvian Hairless Dog Assn. offered the family a hairless 4-month-old pedigreed Peruvian H.D. named Machu Picchu.

A survey hosted by the American Kennel Club last summer determined that a poodle would be the best dog for the Obamas.

An online card from Humane Society of the United States to the family currently has over 4,000 signatures praising the family for considering pet adoption.