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Skeletal Remains found near Fossett crash site

According to CNN, two large bones and a driver's license with adventurer Steve Fossett's name were found Wednesday, near the site where Fossett's plane crashed in eastern California.

The bones appear to be human, and DNA testing will determine whether they belonged to Fossett, Madera County Sheriff John Anderson said.

"We talked to the family and advised them that we possibly, most likely, found the remains of J. Stephen Fossett," Anderson said.

Animal chew marks were found on the driver's license and the shoes, Anderson said, indicated that animals may have moved the body.

Along with the bones and ID card, searchers found a pair of shoes and a $100 bill Anderson said.

The discovery site was a little more than a half-mile from where Fossett's plane wreckage was found on Oct. 1 in a remote area of the Sierra Nevadas. Fossett, famous for his record-setting adventures, was last seen on Sept. 3, 2007, when he took flew out of Minden, Nevada.

The site is also about a quarter-mile from where a hiker reported finding aviation identification cards with Fossett's name and $1,000 in cash in late September, Anderson said.

The Los Angeles Times also reported this story, offering a few more details.

The large bones were discovered by sheriff's deputies and volunteers who searched Wednesday in what authorities said was their last attempt to find additional clues to Fossett's disappearance before winter. Authorities have no released what bones were found.

Preston Morrow, 43, an employee at a sporting goods store in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., is the hiker who found several identification cards and 10 $100 bills in late Sept. He was walking with his dog in Red's Meadow at the time.