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Analysis of CAR

Mexico Under Siege, an ongoing story from theLos Angeles Times Web site, is an example of Computer-assisted reporting.

This multimedia presentation features an interactive map, multimedia gallery, question and answers section and a substantial list of links to related stories.

Computers have played a significant role in the creation of this story. Without them, the eye-catching and moving graphics would not be possible. Someone had to possess the skills to create such graphics, as well as update them as the ongoing story unfolds.

For example, if someone else were to die in relation to the story, the ticker counting the numbers of death would have to be increased. Also, the interactive map and the corresponding graph would need to be updated.

The map is an example of the extensive research that has been done on this topic. A computer was likely used in order to categorize and determine the cities in which drug related death occurred.

Without the use of computer software, it would be extremely time consuming and difficult to determine and accurately represent the exact number and location of all 6,836 deaths over the past two years.