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Cruise Shipped Stranded Near Antarctica

CNN reported Thursday that a cruise ship carrying 122 people struck ice and was stranded on the coast of Antarctica.

A naval boat and plane were dispatched to evacuate the passengers, 89 passengers and 33 crew members, of the Ushuaia as a precaution Mariano Memolli of the Argentina Antarctic Directorate said.

Television C5N reported that the ship was losing fuel and taking on water but was not in danger of sinking.

Adm. Daniel Martin, head of the naval base in Ushuaia, Argentina, said the passengers were "in a perfect state of health," and were awaiting the arrival of a nearby cruise ship.

According to a National Geographic News report , the ship was stranded in the same spot where a ship sank in 2007.

All the passengers and crew were rescued Friday from the ship by the Chilean Navy. All were in good condition.

The ship stills appear to not be in danger of sinking. The Chilean navy did position a ship near the now-abandoned Ushuaia in an attempt to prevent any environmental damage from leaking fuel.

A boom in Antarctic tourism may be an "accident waiting to happen," Jon Bowermaster, a National Geographic Expeditions Council grantee and writer, told National Geographic News in 2007.