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Hecker Released From Hospital

Denny Hecker, a local auto dealership owner, has been released from the hospital Friday following a car accident ,the Star Tribune reported.

Hecker crashed his 2008 Range Rover in Plymouth on County Road 6, west of Hwy. 101 at approximately 8:15 p.m. Wednesday.

The crash remains under investigation. Police have declined to answer questions regarding alcohol and drug tests, as well as whether or not Hecker was wearing his seat belt.

Tim Thornton, Hecker's attorney, said Hecker was heading home from his headquarters at the time of the crash. He was only a block from his home.

In a Pioneer Press report on the crash, Hecker's spokesman had said Thursday that his injuries from a car crash Wednesday night are "extensive enough to require hospitalization, but not anything that's been characterized as life threatening."

Last month, Hecker sued Chrysler Finance, accusing it of wrongfully pulling funding. A week later, Hecker closed six dealerships and sold three others.