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The World is Text Response

The first reading in the The World Is A Text really gave us something to chew on in regards to how we analyze and think of text. Simple words such as "stop," or "open" can really trigger or certain thought on what we are reading and how we are reading it. For instance "stop" in a story would not have the same effect as "stop" on a metal rectangle, red sign. Conatation is very important in how we think of words and how they are presented or perceived by us the reader. What the writers are trying to convey is that text is not something that simply on paper to be read, it is a living and breathing object of the world. When we read an article, watch television, see an advertisement, or even a see a road sign we are interactively conntecting with "text."

Another important thing that the writers are trying to implant upon us readers and writters is that we need to be analytical of the media we consume, whether it is an advertisement, a book, or even an infamous poem. One example of being able to analyze media is how look at a "Tommy Hilfeger advertisement. In the intro Rader and Silvermen analyze the ad for Tommy colongne by pointing out the visuals of six, young, attractive people being "real America." Text is not just the words "real America," it is also the picture of the models wearing "Tommy," clothing and the picturesque, rural, Americana background that is also part of the text. To me the writers want us to know that text is simply syllables or words that are read or spoke, text is something that is felt, tasted, and thought about. Lastly, the writers Jonathan Silverman and Dean Rader are trying to tell us that being better writers is not simply about skill, but it about being a better reader, thinker, and interacting more the world around us.