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Ice Storm Leaves Midwest in the Dark

A deadly ice storm in the Midwest left over 40 residents dead and nearly a million people without power this week.
The storm, which struck hardest in Kentucky, took out power lines and froze entire water systems, leaving hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses devoid of heat, water, and power.
Officials encouraged residents to leave their homes and travel south if possible. Power restoration efforts may take days or weeks to complete in the remotest areas.
Many residents expressed outrage at a perceived lack of response from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
A FEMA spokesperson told USA Today that the agency has shipped over 50 power generators to high-priority establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, and water treatment plants.
Additionally, the Los Angeles Times reported that Kentucky's governor has employed the state's entire National Guard to assist with the damage.
The American Red Cross has also opened more than 40 emergency shelters for residents seeking food, water, and warmth.
President Barack Obama declared the storm a federal emergency Friday. The outage is reportedly the worst in Kentucky's history.