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Turkish Plane Crashes Near Amsterdam

Nine people died and more than 50 were injured when a Turkish Airlines flight crashed into a field outside Amsterdam Wednesday morning.
The Boeing 737-800 was headed to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport from Instanbul and was carrying 134 people. No cause of the accident has yet been released.
Among those dead are two pilots and an apprentice pilot. Of the 55 people reported reported injuried, six were in critical condition and 25 seriously wounded, a local health spokesperson told USA Today.
The crash comes in a wave of bizarre plane accidents that have occurred in recent months, including one in Italy and three more in the United States.
Most recently, a Continental Connection plane crashed into a house near Buffalo, New York, killing 50.
Bill Voss, president of the non-profit Flight Safety Foundation, said that the industry needs to examine the string of accidents to see what can be learned.
"We have to start questioning ourselves about whether we are doing all that we can do to apply the lessons learned and take advantage of safety information to eliminate these crashes," he told USA Today.