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Nebraska Town Seeks to Utilize State's Old Electric Chair

A small Nebraska town has asked the state to become the new owners of the state's now-unlawful electric chair.
The chair was used to execute 15 criminals in the state before the the Nebraska Supreme Court ruled it cruel and unusual punishment last year.
The electric chair has been the state's only form of execution since 1913, but will likely be replaced by lethal injection in the legislature.
Now, residents of McCook, Neb. want to use the chair as part of a new museum in the town of 8,000.
"My wife thinks it's a little — what's the word — macabre," Duane Tappe, a resident of McCook, told USA Today. "But I would drive up the road to see it. I mean, I drove all the way to Cawker City, Kan., to see the (world's largest) ball of twine."
The chair would be used in a museum dedicated to Geroge Norris, a U.S. senator from Nebraska who promoted bringing electricity to rural areas in the early-mid 1900s with the Rural Electrification Act.