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Last Living Survivor of Titanic Holds Auction

The last living survivor of the Titanic, which sank in the icy waters of the Atlantic in April 1912, held an auction Saturday, selling her keepsakes of the ship to cover the cost of her nursing home care.
Millvina Dean, who is now 97, was only 9 weeks old when the ship made its first and last voyage.
The auction was held to help Dean pay her over $50,000 in yearly charges for nursing home care.
One notable item that was set to be sold at the auction was a large bag that was among items Dean's mother and brother brought with them back to England.
"Historical documents say she was lifted from the lifeboat onto Carpathia, the rescue ship, in a mail sack," Alan Aldridge of the auction company Henry Aldridge & Son told CNN. "There is speculation that this would have been the bag. It's a leather and canvas bag. You would easily get a child or infant in it."
Aldrich said they hope to raise around $4,500 for the bag, though that would be multiplied tenfold if they could prove it was the bag she was rescued in.
Many of the other 16 items up for sale were memorabilia from the Titanic signed by Dean, though most were not from the ship itself, CNN reported.
Dean hopes to stay in her current nursing home for as long as possible.
"When she runs out of money, the state will pay fees for her, but while she can pay her fees, she decides where she gets her care," Aldrich told CNN. "When the state pays, they decide."