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Portland Food Shelf Helps Pets in Need

A Portland, Ore. woman is helping bring aid to an often-ignored group of individuals suffering from the effects of the recession: our pets.
Joni Taylor, 53, is the head of FIDO, which stands for Friends Involved in Dog Outreach. The group raises support to provide dog food to pet owners in need.
Donations come in from pet shops and animal food makers, among others. On the the third Saturday of each moth, the food bank hands out a month's supply of dog food to anyone who asks.
On a recent Saturday, FIDO handed out over 3,000 pounds of food, the Los Angles Times reported.
The program comes as a welcome relief to many who are forced to choose between meeting their own needs and those of their pets.
Pat Foss, a 47-year-old who shares her home with seven rescued stray dogs, was able to receive 24 pounds of dry food, two cans of wet food and a gallon-sized bag of dog treats.
Eric Gateley lost his job as a construction manager in June, and says his dog, Bella, is someone he doens't have to put on a front for. Gateley has been living with his wife and 9-year-old son in a motel since January.
FIDO also provides dog food for shut-ins and senior citizens through its food delivery program.