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Three Officers Killed in Bizzare Domestic Disturbance

Three police officers were killed in Pittsburgh while responding to a domestic disturbance call on Saturday morning prompted by a urinating dog.
The officers were responding to a call from Margaret Poplawski, who asked police to remove her son, Richard Poplawski, from their home. She told police that her 22-year-old son was "giving her a hard time" after she confronted him for his dog urinating on the floor, CNN reported.
When officers entered the home, police say Richard Poplawski opened fire with an Ak-47 rifle, striking officers Stephen Mayhle and Paul Sciullo III in the head. Both were killed.
A third officer, Eric Kelly, was shot and killed while attempting to help his fellow policemen.
The suspect also shot over 100 rounds out a bedroom window at a SWAT team vehicle, preventing them from aiding the wounded officers, Police Chief Nathan Harper told CNN.
In addition to the three officers who were killed, two more,Timothy McManaway and Brian Jones, were injured.
Margaret Poplawski said that her son had been discharged from the Marine Corps for assaulting his drill sergeant in basic training, CNN reported. She added that he had been buying and selling weapons online because he didn't trust the police to protect society.
The officers' deaths were the first since 1995 for the department.
"We have never had to lose three officers in the line of duty on one call," Harper told CNN. "They have paid the ultimate sacrifice."