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UCLA Student Takes on Planned Parenthood

A 20-year-old California student has given a new look to the antiabortion campaign with a series of undercover videos filmed in Planned Parenthood clinics across the country.
Lila Rose, a student at the University of California- Los Angeles, has received national attention for the videos, which are posted to the website of her non-profit organization, Live Action.
In the videos, Rose poses as an underage girl who is pregnant with her adult boyfriend, an implication of statutory rape. In most states, clinics are required to report all such cases to authorities.
Rose's videos show clinic workers in various locations telling her to lie about her age or say that her boyfriend is also underage. Some advised that she cross the border to other states with less strict laws.
Though many of the workers recorded in the videos have been fired, Planned Parenthood has launched counterattacks, charging Rose with breaking state privacy laws by secretly taping the encounters, the Los Angeles Times reported.
Rose said she hopes the videos will draw people's attention. In a speech at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit, she told the audience that she is honored by Planned Parenthood's negative reponse.
"When I walk into Planned Parenthoods across the country, I am flattered to see my picture on the wall," the Los Angeles Times reported Rose as saying. "It is because to Planned Parenthood, I am -- quote -- a 'known anti-choice extremist.' This is one of the better compliments I have received."