11-year-old-boy attends college university as PSEO student

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He is not here to visit his older sister. He is not here with his 5th grade class on a field trip. No, Lucas Kramer, 11, is studying at the University of Minnesota as a PSEO student, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Lucas' mother, Angela Kramer, attends classes with Lucas and drives the hour-long car ride to campus with him so Lucas can attend his classes, reports the Daily.

Unlike other kids his age, Lucas spends his weekends completing homework. "No time for cartoons or video games," he told CBS Minnesota. And while most children are not even thinking about what they would like to major in when they get to college, Lucas plans to major in either chemical engineering or material science, reports the Daily.

Once Lucas has finished his PSEO classes, in what he guesses as spring of 2013, he intends to complete a few years at the University as a college student. He will take a variety of classes of classes to find out what interests him, Lucas told the Daily.

Whatever Lucas chooses to do in life, his father, Tim Kramer, said his son will be influenced by God: "It's just the one thing that I guess is really important in all I do is just try to do what God would want me to do always," Lucas said to CBS Minnesota.

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