A night out at a Dinkytown bar

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It's Friday night and a Dinkytown bar, the Library, rages on, according to a Minnesota Daily reporter on the scene.

Blasting from the speakers, Raghav Mehta, the Daily reporter, heard blue-haired beauty Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," which sent "patrons into a drunken frenzy," he said.

Wanting to know what these patrons thought of what Mehta called the "[epitomy] of a 'campus bar," he started interviewing.

"There are a lot of bros here, but the drinks are so cheap," psychology major Alaina Klocke said, her voice nearly being drowned by the bar's chatter.

Klocke came to the Library with her friend, Erica Tasto who is a journalism student. "It's better than going to Blarney, and Burrito Loco is always a bust," Tasto, a junior at the University, said.

Mehta is not surprised by what he sees: college students cutting back and taking a break from the wear-and-tear of the college grind. He claims that the drinks are in a college student's budget and is a popular place to come because of the close proximity to student housing.

"It was almost 1 a.m. when another wave of patrons entered, making an already dense crowd even more difficult to maneuver," Mehta wrote. As he makes his way to the second level of the bar, he notices Jennifer Maes, a Political Science junior, who doesn't seem happy to be at the Library.

Maes, lost in the crowd of what Mehta calls "clean-cut boozehounds," can't find the friend she came to the bar to meet, one reason why she doesn't like to come to the Library.

"There are too many bros here ... " she said. "I get why people come here, but I can't stand it."

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