Activists take action against dog slaughter

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More than 1,000 dogs intended for slaughter were saved by some 200 animal-rights activists recently in China, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The activists paid the dog traders about 80,000 yuan, or $15,500, to ensure the animal's safe release, according to the Wall Street Journal.

In Vietnam, roasted or stewed dog meat is a delicacy, and the streets of Hanoi are full of restaurants that offer this dish, the Wall Street Journal reported. According to police, traffickers in Thailand acquire stray dogs and sell them for $33 each in Vietnam, the Huffington Post reported.

Governor of the Nakhon Phanom province Rerngsak Mahavinitchaimontree, 58, organized a string of checkpoints with local police and broke up a network of smugglers in August saving 1,800 dogs, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"We raise dogs to obey us, not for food," Mahavinitchaimontree said, "We must treat them well."

Since the trafficker bust in August, animal-rights campaigners have raised about 20.7 million baht, or $690,000, to help keep the dogs at a special refuge, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Although many dogs that were intended for food have been rescued, some see no harm in eating dog meat. Dao Van Bien, a 66-year-old Hanoi man, believes that his customs should be respected and that others should not be so close-minded. "Each county has its own culture and here we eat dog," he said.

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