Fashionistas on the streets of University of Minnesota Campus

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The "Arts and Entertainment" section of the Minnesota Daily hit the streets of campus to capture five trend-setters among University of Minnesota students.

First up was Caroline Janson, a chemical engineering student who transferred to the University from Sweden. Rocking a form-fitting pencil skirt and tank top, she decided that outfit wasn't enough. She paired it with a flannel shirt to complete her ensemble but added those extra touches like leather lace-ups and glasses (even if she needs them to see) to make the outfit come full circle.

Next is Lacy Braun, a public relations major who wore a wide-legged red pant with a tucked in white blouse. She pairs the outfit with black pumps and a simple white clutch to complete her business-casual outfit.

Cho Hung, an engineering student, dressed in high-wasted royal blue silk pants. Think the magic genie from Aladdin, but trendier. She pairs it with a tan 3/4-length shirt and flat sandals to give her outfit a classy and effortless look.

Last but not least is Chloe Ahlf, an apparel design major, who obviously knows how to put an outfit together. She paired a feminine and well-fitted flannel shirt with ripped stockings. She wore "Daisy Dukes" and moccasins to complete the look, giving off a Bohemian feel that is always applauded.

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