One-on-one with pop-star Adele

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According to Adele, she doesn't consider herself a singer, she told Cosmo at a cozy lounge in XL Recordings office in London.

"If you were to look up the word singer in the dictionary you'd see [Etta James and Aretha Franklin]. Not mine," she said flashing her gold rings on her manicured fingers.

Although Adele's music focuses on heartbreak, this part of Adele's life doesn't consume her and define her as a person. Cosmo reported that Adele is a breath of fresh air because she talks fast, laughs loudly, and swears more than some rappers.

After graduating from high school, Adele planned on attending college and thought she would eventually work for a record label to discover talent she told Cosmo. While planning her 18th birthday, Adele heard from a record label hoping to meet with her.

Thinking it was a joke, Adele soon realized this man who called her worked for XL Recordings, and soon after she signed with the label. Feeling bad telling the story she said, "It was really that easy," she told Cosmo.

Adele then met a boy and starting dated him, but confessed that he cheated on her. "I was gutted," she said as she pounded a fist over her heart, according to Cosmo. But this relationship gave her inspiration in her album titled, "19."

The Grammy-award-winner then started dating another guy during a 6-month break from her music career. She claimed that the relationship was more severe than the first, but ended in heartbreak. "I'm fine without him," she said, "but I don't want to be without him and I still miss him."

Before leaving to meet with her manager, she reached the door and exclaimed, "God! If I find that happiness, what will I write about?" she joked. But then reassuringly said, "No, no. I really want my next album to be happy and fun."

*Can't get the interview on Cosmo's website but I linked the site anyway.

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