Stillwater school district faces up to $10 million budget cuts

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Of the five Washington County districts, four can continue to raise student achievement since their levies were renewed Tuesday. The Star Tribune reported that these renewals will bring millions of dollars to these districts in the upcoming years.

However, the Independent School District 834 Board of Stillwater faces cuts up to $10 million from the budget after voters rejected two levies and a bond issue, according to the Stillwater Gazette.

Stillwater Superintendent Corey Lunn told the Star Tribune that the people were clear with their message. "As a school district we must find ways to do more with less, become more efficient, and change the way we do business," he said.

The first levy, which proposed to revoke the district's current $965 per pupil per year for $1,465 failed by 52 percent. The "no" votes totaled 7,030 against the 6,454 "yes" votes, according the the Stillwater Gazette.

The levy that requested new technology to provide students with learning aids like iPads or online textbooks received 53 percent of the "no" vote, according to the Star Tribune. This levy would have provided the district $982,300 a year for seven years, the Star Tribune reported.

The bond that amounted to $18.3 million, which would have paid to upgrade facilities failed by a 52 percent margin to a 48 percent margin, according to the Stillwater Gazette.

"We're going to do our best to maintain quality education, but there's no doubt things will have to look vastly different," Lunn told the Stillwater Gazette.

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