Hit and run leaves Iraq vet. in cirtical condition

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A Minnesota man who served his country as a Marine in Iraq remains in critical condition after being hit by a car in small-town Gaylord, Minn., this past October while he was riding his motorcycle, Kare 11 News reported.

John Byro, 29, was supposed to leave Hennepin County Medical Center this week, but his conditions worsened, forcing him to stay longer, making his sister stay longer also, Kare 11 reporter Jay Olstad said.

"The staff has been joking about changing my address to his room," said Byro, who has stayed at the hospital for the past 37 days alongside her brother.

John was supposed to be transferred from HCMC to Bethesda Hospital in St. Paul to begin his long-term rehab but then things took a turn for the worse, Kare 11 said.

Fluid built up in his brain and he was rushed into surgery. Kare 11 reported that all of his progress was "wiped away." "And after 48 hours of not moving or opening his eyes, you start to think really, really bad things," Byro said.

However, Kare 11 reported that John opened his eyes this morning and his sister hopes that John will pull through and also that the person who hit John will come forward.

Byro's family is planning a benefit Friday Dec. 9 in hopes of raising money to pay for John's medical costs as well as to increase the $5000 cash reward for information leading to an arrest, Olstad reported.

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