Make-A-Wish grants a 7-year-old a chance to be independent

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The Make-A-Wish foundation has launched their new campaign called Season of Wishes, where they will grant 50 wishes and KSTP showed how a Warroad 7-year-old is getting her wish.

Kimmy, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy struggles with being independent because her disease, which weakens her muscles, makes Kimmy rely heavily on her parents, according to KSTP.

To grant Kimmy's wish, architects at Rehkamp Larson Architects Inc. are building a playhouse for Kimmy in her front yard where she can play independently without Mom and Dad's help. What name did Kimmy call her playhouse? Kimmy's Castle.

Jean Rehkamp-Larson, an architect of the company, said they typically create houses and do renovations, but will take on creating Kimmy's Castle. Amanda Kay, another architect at the company, said that it's a a great opportunity. "Hearing her story, how could you say no? she said.

Kimmy needs back growing rod surgery every six months, her mother Dian Mullis said told KSTP. Kimmy has a high-tech chair that can take her outside to play, but once she is outside, she can't do much since something has to be at Kimmy's height for her to use it, according to KSTP.

Ultimately, what Kimmy wants is the freedom to play without her parents' help. "I want [the playhouse] to be independent so I can go in there and do whatever I want," she said.

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