Student denied admittance to a school because he is HIV-positive

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At the Milton Hershey School for disabled children in Pennsylvanian, faculty claim they'll admit anyone to their school, except a 13-year-old boy who is HIV-positive, according to CNN.

The boy who remains anonymous, is posed as a threat to the school because they think he could have sex with another student and transmit the virus to someone else.

In a statement, the school said, "The school knows that no child can be assumed to make responsible decisions which affect the well-being of others." It went on to say, "The school believes it has made the correct assessment of the risks of transmission of HIV in this setting, and has not violated the law..." according to CNN

The school says it doesn't presume anything, however, CNN reports that the school is presuming the boy will have sex, the sex will be unprotected, and he will pass the virus along. But the boy takes drugs to keep the virus in check and is 95 percent effective, so it is likely he would not even transmit the virus to another student.

"The Americans With Disabilities Act barred discrimination based on HIV status," CNN reported. And by denying this student access, the school is being sued by the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania on behalf of the student.

The boy, whose face was not showed on camera, said how this situation has caused him emotional distress. "I feel that no other teenager should go through this, being denied just because they have HIV," he told CNN.

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