November 16, 2004

Light Rail

Before I rode the rails, i heard that the riders consisted of mainly rich women in buisness dresses going to and from work. The friend who told me this did not mention anyone that is a typical metro transit rider like i am.

the station i visited was the nicolet mall station, i think, it was very formal and had no extra artwork like some of the other stations. this one was only a canopy of steel which was constructed in a very stylish manner. it gave the impression of technology and modernism to mimic the buisness skyscrapers around it. It had a sense of somnambulism because its style is all to prevelent in buisness districs today so, it was just another piece of steel artwork.

I took a picture with my brothers camera but I could not figure out how to import the picture onto my comp. so I could not upload it. Check for updates in the future of this blog and hopefully my brother will show me how to do it so you can get a pic.

Posted by wien0057 at November 16, 2004 12:50 PM