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March 14, 2008


I didn't get a whole lot out of the Good Resources list, but the below picture from PRINT magazine did cheer me a up a bit.


CMYK, Graphis and Core77 didn't do much for me, but after clicking around a lot, I found a sweet website called Carbonmade. I don't really know what type of presentation and documentation styles you want, but I just grabbed some pictures and layouts that I thought were sweet. I feel like a I could work off of some of these.


This picture shows a little angel without wings, and this reminded me of child mortality. So many children are dying from malnutrition, but more importantly, they are dying without knowing Jesus.


The little boy on the branch is a child who is about to get attacked by the cat, who is symbolic of starvation and disease.


I obviously did not choose this one because of the ipod, but i thought the overall display is really cool and refreshing.


This last picture just looks cool.
Check out the website www.carbonmade.com
k, peace

March 7, 2008

a Clockwork Orange?

I have no idea how to answer these questions. I am not a very abstract person. I need things to be concrete; set in stone; have their rights and wrongs. I could right whatever I want for this blog prompt and I will be fine, so im not to worried, but I just wish these questions could have a more definite answer. Anyways, here I go.

The last five lectures or so, have been quite unusual. Learning about frameworks, clockworks, things , and phenomena, and how they all relate to each other is fascinating. But how the heck do they relate to architecture? This is where this major gets a little to abstract for me. I get overwhelmed with the thought of there being no absolutes. Next came the oppositions that underlie the emergence of architecture, and I liked the correlation this had a lot better. It also brought a lot of the lectures together, and I began to see how clockworks and frameworks really did have a role in architecture.


My life revolves around activity. Its nearly impossible for me to sit still doing nothing. I love any form of exercise, and just about every sport sounds appealing at anytime of the day. If it comes down to Wii bowling, i will do it, just to stay active. I feel that while the built environment around me has it's many practicalities, it really does detract from who I am. The opposition of movement best describes this. The first example that came to thought was the conveyer belt walkway that goes underneath a terminal at O'hare Airport. While I always do take advantage of this free form of transport, it takes away from every ability I have to move with my own two legs. This also gets me thinking about elevators and escalators. People wonder why our nation is becoming so overweight. Fastfood + lack of movement = a pretty logical answer.


Another part of who I am, is being one with nature, and exploring all of God's creations. I look at the hundreds of buildings, houses and skyscrapers that are slow taking over forests and prairies, and it just puzzles me to think "why do we even need such unnecessary amenities?" Construction companies are blowing out sides of mountains just so they can build more highways. Its rediculous! Spirals, stairs and tunnels I feel are a little more acceptable, but still, there is no need to take away from the natural environment. The set of stairs on our second quiz were the perfect example of how we need to approach the opposition of movement.


Cool suspended bridges like this are awesome for the opposition of gravity and movement as well! I hope I am starting to understand this. Because I sure as heck never understand what I am talking about on my quizzes. K, peace&love