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Critical Analysis #1

My first critical analysis was of the group that did Goal #7, increase environment sustainability. The did research on BP: Beyod Petroleum? and how their ads for saving the environment are far from the truth. Their greatest source for oil is tar sand extractions, which is incredibly harmful to the environment. Alberta, Canada is where the majority of their extractions take place and in order to get to the oil, many forests are being compromised. The crude from tar sands is also much dirtier, which in turn produces many more greenhouse gases.

This groups presentation was excellent. Prior to hearing about their research, I always chose BP over any other gas station. The bright green environment was always so inviting, and commercials made it look like it truly was a better place to fill up your tank. The group designed a tri-fold handout that covered a lot of information, which looked overwhelming at first, but really just showed how bad BP is. They listed many intriguing facts and really got me thinking more about oil refinement. Their slide show was also very eye catching and had many pictures of forests being destroyed. Overall a very good project and opened up a great opportunity for environment sustainability.